Quick and simple nibbles are the secret to easy entertaining. This party season, why not try some of our No-cook Finger Foods For Parties recipe ideas? We’ve got everything from pie maker Mexican bites to cheat’s mini cheesecakes.

No-cook Finger Foods For Parties

1. Pappads of mini prawn cocktail

No-cook Finger Foods For Parties

Just 15 minutes will allow you to construct and present this delicious finger meal using a few ready components; cooking is not necessary.

2. Haloumi topped with spices and honey

Perfect for snacking, these scorched cheese skewers are spicy, sticky and rather mouthwatering.

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3. Vegetarian quesadillas from a pie maker

Made even easier in the pie maker are these Mexican black bean-filled quesadillas. Ideal for lunchbox meals as well.

4. 10 dark chocolate and strawberry drizzle cheesecake bites.

With these cheesecake-topped Oreo cookies, satisfy those sweet tooth cravings in only ten minutes.

5. Tarts with pesto and smoked salmon

No-cook Finger Foods For Parties

Cream and smoked salmon are usually a fantastic combination; green pesto transforms this dish completely.

6. Bites of rockmelon, prawns, and cucumbers

Fresh cucumbers, juicy rockmelons, and prawns fit perfectly on skewers and are so good they will have your visitors wanting more. Perfect for quick and simple cooking when you need plenty of meals quickly is this recipe.

7. Bruschetta from eggplant

Present this as a lovely appetiser for a delicious fresh take on conventional bruschetta.

8. Peaches covered with prosciutta and basil

Present the peaches wrapped in prosciutta with forks so your visitors won't have sticky honey fingers.

9. Cheat's tarts for cheesecake are cheasy.

No-cook Finger Foods For Parties

You might never go back to the conventional technique; these cheat's cheesecake delights are so moreish and simple to create.

10. Oysters influenced by Asian styles

With these quick and fresh Asian-style oysters, summer entertaining has never been simpler.

11. Prawn dish from Curtis Stone including creamed avocado

With these great Asian-inspired spices and sauces, give traditional Aussie seafood recipes a new touch.

12. Traditional nachos

No-cook Finger Foods For Parties

Try these three ingredient cheese jalapeño nachos for a quick and simple snack.

13. Simple watermelon with fetta bits

A great starting point are these delicious morsels. Fantastic for last-minute visitors!

14. Cheese Marinated in Marinated States

This particular appetiser is the first to vanish from the buffet table and always makes it to our neighbourhood celebrations. It's tasty, beautiful, and really simple! Laurie Casper, Pennsylvanian city of Coraopolis

15. BLT Snacks

No-cook Finger Foods For Parties

Though their bacon and tomato taste is full size, these fast dinners may be little. They're usually a success, even my kids enjoy them. I serve them at brunches and picnics as well as gatherings. Regina Remmen, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.

16. Fruit Dip Made with Cream Cheese

Present it Christmas as a dish of red and green apple slices stacked around a bowl of this delicious no-fuss cream cheese fruit dip! Kiwi, grapes, and strawberries also go nicely with the dip.